I was born and raised in Southern California. I am always inspired by the golden light that warms up the beaches. 

Photography & design has always been in my blood. I got my first camera in high school and fell in love with life through a lens. I quickly became obsessed with quality, quality in everything is my top priority.

I went to college in Oregon (OSU), Majoring in Interior Design with a minor in Photography. I like to get a lot of my inspiration from architecture. While taking photography courses in college I found my spark, for me, this was film. 

i'm hayleigh

here is my face

I am inspired by warmth of the sunsets, film, raw moments, & love.

film favs 

a film lover

Shooting film in both 35mm and medium format is a truly captivating experience that seamlessly blends the realms of artistry and nostalgia. The inherent charm of film lies in its ability to evoke a sense of sentimentality, allowing for spontaneous creativity and a unique grain that adds character to each frame.

The process of shooting film in both these formats encourages us to slow down, carefully compose each shot, and fully appreciate the art of photography.

In essence, shooting film in both 35mm and medium format allows us to not only create stunning visual memories but also embrace the nostalgia and artistry that accompany this timeless medium.

my film background

I have a deep passion for the entire process of film. During my college years, I immersed myself in the art of shooting, developing, and enlarging my own prints. This hands-on approach provided me with an immense sense of creative freedom, allowing me to be involved in every aspect from start to finish. The process of developing film is truly a science, and it is this very aspect that makes film so exceptional. The organic feel and aesthetic of film is something I constantly strive to capture, both in my work with film and digital mediums. The unique qualities of film, combined with my love for the craft, continue to inspire and motivate me in my artistic journey.