Let's talk about THE WHY... and why I believe in mentorships. 

I remember the moment I was growing my business to become a full time photographer. I wanted it so bad that I was so desperate to take on anything and everything. 

Don't get me wrong sometimes you need to take on anything in the beginning. But after the beginning you should be picky and secure in your go to clients. 

I was working my full time job as an interior designer in LA.. I know sounds like a dream huh? The one thing I was lacking was autonomy, I like to do whatever I want.. basically. I love creative freedom and I love to meet all types of people all over the world. 

On a hot summer day in sunny California I was on my lunch break at my full time job. Scrolling through instagram just dreaming of shooting weddings I landed on this photographers page who was offering mentorships. I had no idea what a mentorship was or if I needed it but I said "why not". Little did I know that this mentorship would change my whole journey in going full time. 

+ Questionnaire 
+ Portfolio Review
+ Business Strategizing 
+ Goal Setting

virtual call

zoom consultations 


+  Questionnaire 
+ Two hours on location photo shoot
+ Posing tips and tricks
- Add on - Post session editing work flow for 1 extra hour ($200)

in person session


1 on 1 guided shoot