eunice & kevin

On a hot summer day in Malibu, love was in the air as Eunice and Kevin embarked on an unforgettable journey towards forever. I had the privilege of capturing their radiant love story amidst the stunning backdrop of the California coast.

Our day began at an enchanting old hotel nestled along the legendary Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). With its vintage charm and breathtaking ocean views, the hotel provided a perfect setting for the first chapter of Eunice and Kevin’s session.

As the sun began its descent towards the horizon, we embarked on a scenic drive through the rugged canyons of Malibu. The majestic mountains served as a dramatic backdrop, accentuating the raw beauty of the couple’s love. In that moment, time stood still, encapsulating the essence of their love, commitment, and the promises they made to one another.

Eunice and Kevin’s engagement session in Malibu was an extraordinary affair, filled with laughter, romance, and unforgettable memories. From the old hotel by the coast to the majestic canyons and the captivating sunset, their love story unfolded in a series of magical moments captured forever in photographs. As they embark on their journey towards marriage, their engagement session serves as a beautiful prelude to a lifetime of cherished memories, laughter, and boundless love.